Make Innovation Doable


Break down the walls and legacy practices that prevent innovation within companies by building a platform to empower entrepreneurial employees to get their ideas made.


Creating Cultures Of Intrapreneurship

The desire and ability for people to innovate has never been higher than today. Yet within company walls, it remains a constant struggle despite the c-suite’s investment and focus on innovation. Companies have initiated one-off company solutions such as annual hack-a-thons, "elite" innovation teams, even innovation suggestion boxes, but as you can imagine, these half measures rarely move the needle on key business metrics. We believed that there was a better way to leverage all the talent within an organization, especially Millennials, by giving them technology and a process from which they could put forth their innovative ideas and flex their entrepreneurial muscles.


An Innovation Platform For A New Generation Of Workers

We built Doable with the young intrapreneur in mind. We wanted to not only create a place where the c-suite of a company can review and give resources to innovative ideas but also create educational moments for employees to understand what it requires to take and idea from pipe-dream to possible. Our consumer-grade design paired with our repeatable innovation process – Brainstorm, Bake and Build – have resulted in sustained engagement from client employees and tangible innovation being prototyped. To date, we have over 200 companies on Doable and hundreds of ideas being submitted to challenges that are solving real business opportunities.

  1. Collaboration

    The gang’s all here

    Collaborate on ideas with people outside your department or expertise. Everyone gets a profile that they can customize with a bio and tags that show what they're best at. Click on a tag to get a list of everyone with that skill.

  2. Communication

    Keep everyone updated

    Transparency is key to building a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship. As ideas are prototyped and tested, updates can be added to the idea page. Even if everyone can’t be involved, they can still be kept in the loop.

  3. Education

    Great idea? Prove it!

    Proof Points are exercises that help idea creators and collaborators evolve and refine their initial concepts – things like problem definition, journey mapping, and customer personas. We built a standard set of 12 Proof Points that come with Doable and companies can create their own.


Innovation and engagement

We surveyed employees pre and post using Doable and saw a marked increase in those who "strongly agreed" with the following statements.

  • +25%
    "I am confident in generating and developing ideas"
  • +43%
    "I often connect and collaborate with those outside my department"
  • +33%
    "I feel appropriately recognized for the work that I do"
  • +30%
    "I am satisfied with my opportunities for growth"