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co:re team

Our people are what make co:collective extraordinary. So we've been busy building a mecca for hybrids, T-shaped people, right and left brainers at co:collective. Our fulltime team is made up of brilliant generalists, natural collaborators, problem-solvers, leaders and doers who aren’t afraid of the unknown.

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Our model is designed to be dynamic. No project we take on is ever the same as the last, so why should the team be? We have an extended community of 200+ freelancers that we work with on a project to project basis. We work with strategists, designers, business consultants, innovation consultants... and specialists in every field.

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Co:lab is an experiment in the future of work. A hybrid between freelance and fulltime, co:lab has the freedom & flexibility of a freelance lifestyle with the community & consistency of a full-time gig. Co:labbers are in and out of the office on their own schedule and work on projects outside of the co:collective ecosystem. We tap into their expertise on an as-needed basis and in turn, they provide mentorship and learning opportunities for the team. Co:llabers are paid on a retainer basis and provided a stipend for healthcare.

  • Alejandra Gomez GallardoEngagement Specialist
  • Richard LehmannCreative Coder
  • Sami KriegsteinCreator Relations
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We take being a collective seriously. Not only do we build on our co:re team with an extended network of co:lancers, we also partner with other independent companies depending on the scope, scale and output of the assignments we take on. The co:conspirator network is a curated ecosystem of those partners that share a philosophy: that the future is built through collaboration.

What makes a co:conspirator?

  1. You are the best at what you do
  2. You are 100% independent
  3. You are fundamentally up for collaboration
  4. We have complementary capabilities
  5. We would love to share Thanksgiving Dinner

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