Redefine The Magic


America’s favorite department store needed help defining and creating a next generation shopping experience.


A legacy of innovation held the key to the future

Once a pioneer of innovation, Macy’s continually introduced Americans to new ways of shopping and forms of entertainment. In recent years, however, the category had been redefined by newer players – online forces like Amazon, new specialty players such as Uniqlo and discounters like TJ Maxx. Our work revealed that Macy’s legacy of providing solutions for life events is as relevant as ever to today’s customers, and we built a Quest to inspire and guide actions and innovations aligned with that idea.


Reinstating Macy's as a place for inspiring solutions

We designed solutions in each area of the customer experience: reinventing rewards, rethinking the checkout experience, personalizing digital brand interactions, and recontextualizing the store experience – recognizing that a comprehensive approach to innovation in line with Macy’s Quest was needed.

  1. Check-out

    A smart bag that allows frictionless checkout and effortless returns

    Sometimes people want the full experience. Other times, they want quick convenience. One thing they never want is to wait in checkout lines. In designing the Magic Bag, we aimed to restore a sense of magic to checking out, simplifying the decision-making process for customers and associates alike.

  2. Beauty

    What if you could shop for looks, instead of beauty products?

    Our research showed that customers feel there’s a big gap between seeing a look they want and assembling the makeup to achieve it. Our design of the Beauty Bento combines digital instructions on how to create a look with with the pre-selected products that make it real. By doing that, we unlock the expertise of Macy’s beauty experts beyond the store – on-the-go and in your home.

  3. Store

    Wrapping products in expert services

    Stores can be overwhelming product experiences, but today we know shoppers are craving inspiring experiences and solutions. To address this, we designed ‘Inspiration Centers’ that act as hubs within the store for things like weddings, fitness or cooking. The centers blend a curated product selection with a programmed set of events and experiences, and take things a level further by baking in custom services – photographers, stylists, coaches, or teachers.