Simplify Health for Everyone


Revolutionize the complex and confusing world of healthcare by unifying a fragmented organization around a shared vision.


Making the complex simple

Providence St. Joseph Health is one of the US's leading not-for-profit healthcare organizations, employing over 100,000 caregivers across seven Western states. They came to us after a period of impressive expansion that had eroded their internal cohesion and external clarity. What they needed: a unifying vision to propel them into the future, innovations in the consumer experience to make that vision tangible, and a way to make themselves navigable by consumers.

We immersed ourselves in the world of Providence – visiting over 40 Providence-owned and competitive sites, conducting in-depth qualitative research with caregivers and consumers alike, and analyzing the healthcare landscape for opportunity. We found that power is shifting away from physicians within a paternalistic health system, towards more demanding, empowered consumers who are looking for a health partner. Our research uncovered multiple pain points at every step of the healthcare journey – even when people are at their most vulnerable. This led us to diagnose the real disease: a healthcare system that had become overwhelmingly complex and confusing for people. Providence's ambition was to revolutionize this situation. The story we defined to drive the needed change was "simplify health for everyone."


Become a springboard for consumers to take control of their health

Driven by this vision to simplify, we translated user needs across both caregiver and consumer experiences into opportunities for simplification and innovation, developing ideas to not only provide a better experience, but to communicate that Providence was in the broader health business rather than the traditional healthcare industry.

  1. Experience

    Create one unified system to provide a seamless experience

    Starting with taxonomy, we examined three fundamental categories of brands across the network. We created a unified brand experience under a lead brand, including cohesive cross-system services with consistent navigation.

  2. Food

    Provide access to affordable and nutritious food to millions of people

    By making nutritious and delicious food available at its own drive-thru restaurants, Providence could compete with fast food on price and convenience. We would offer $4-$5 meals in take-out, dine-in or cook-at-home-kit options, helping people eat healthy who usually don’t have the time, mobility or funds. This would also educate consumers on nutrition, healthy food preparation and the impact of smarter, healthier choices.

  3. Data

    Bridge the gap between doctors and patients using clinical and self-reported data

    As we shift from paternalistic medicine to consumers taking their health into their own hands, Providence could transform healthcare by collecting and analyzing health data, giving consumers real-time insights and providing actionable recommendations. We concepted an app that uses data to determine a trackable health score and rewards users with points for being proactive about their health.